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  • I live in Your garbage can, inside the discarded tuna.
  • I was born on May 2
  • My occupation is Fangirling, waiting to meet people who I probably will never meet.
  • I am A fangirl who loves YouTube and books.
  • Violent Delights

    Admins and Mods

    September 5, 2012 by Violent Delights

    Okay, so I thought so that people don't get confused I should do a blog on our admins and mods.

    So, here they are.


    Violent Delights

    Yeah there's only one. BUT I will add more as the wiki picks up and more people visit and more people come on chat. And it hasn't picked up yet. :'(

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  • Violent Delights

    Hello everyone. I am the founder of this wiki, and I thought I should enforce some wiki and chat rules.

    1. Respect Other Users.

    This is an obvious yet important rule. If I, or another admin catch you disrespecting another user, We will warn you. If it happens again, you will be blocked.

    2. Vandalism will not be Tolerated.

    ABSELOUTLY NO VANDALS. If I, or another admin see vandalism, the person who was vandalising will be warned, and then blocked if they continue on any page.


    The title says it all, no trolling. You will be warned and blocked if you continue, by me, or another admin.

    4. No exessive swearing.

    This will not result in a block unless it gets really bad as in at least one swear in every thing you write. If there is swearing,…

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