Prologue  Edit

There is one thing I fear most, and its not death. I'm a spy and my latest mission was in a small town in Italy. I was looking for a man named Orfeo D' Angelo. He and his men, were trying to make guns illegally, and they had killed many people in doing so. I was trying to stop them, but my accomplice turned out to be a double agent. I was hit in the head and got knocked out. Now Im in a holding cell who knows where. I must get out as soon as possible. 

Chapter 1: The Big EscapeEdit

I heard footsteps in the hallways as i looked out the window of my cell. I knew it'd be someone coming to interigate me.

"Come on! We need to hurry and get out of here!" A familiar voice said. 

"Evangeline? Is that you?" I asked hopefully. Evangeline is my friend from high school. When we were both asked to be part of a secert agency, we became friends immediatly. I never went to college. I went straight to training at the agency. Ever since then, me and her have been friends. 

"Celestia?" Evangeline said peering at me with a boy through the bars. "Oh my gosh! It really is you!" 

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