Chapter One-- Elodia's POVEdit

The sirens from the police blared down the street as I looked out onto the rainy British streets through my

Elodia Molly Gallagher




Cecelia Matthews, Mercy Wallace, Jesse Gaff, Soren Daley, Stella Pinth

Hair & Eyes

Dark brown hair, green eyes.


James Gallagher, Louise Gallagher (sister, mentioned once)






Alive for now

window. "Oliver Twist" sits in my hand, as a drop of rain falls onto it's page. "Elodia! Come down!" My father yells. I put down my book and walk down the stairs. "Elodia take this money, and get in a taxicab, and tell them to take you to the Wallace estate." My father rushes, and puts on his cap, as the door slams. I look at the money, then I pull my deep brown hair back into a ribbon.

I walk out onto the street, and the rain falls onto my dress, splotching the royal blue silk. I pull out my ribbon, and let my hair fall onto my shoulders. I wave my hand at a taxicab.

The driver gets out to open the door.

"Elodia Gallagher. Is that you?" He asks. "Jesse?" I ask. "I haven't seen you in ages." We embrace for a short moment, and then I hop in.

Jesse was my best friend when I went to the public schools. Then my dad got a job as a policeman and bought a new house, and we could afford tutors and what we wanted.

I haven't seen him for 7 years.

"Where to?" He asks. "The Wallace estate. My dad's there." I say, and the cab zips down, as rain dirties the windows. The cab pulls up to the Wallace estate, and I pay Jesse, say goodbye, and run in.

I can't help but gasp at the sight of what is hanging from the ceiling.

Chapter Two-- Cecelia's POVEdit

My dad, a policeman. I hate it. He always has to bring me everywhere because mom died, and he can't trust his 17 year old daughter. Me.

I especially hate him today. He made me come to the Wallace estate.

Elodia Gallagher, my best friend walks in and gasps, at Adam Wallace, the owner of the house, hanging dead by his arm from the rafter, with a knife in his chest. His wife, Anne, is covered in blood and crying. His sons, George and Charles are also crying. His daughter Victoria, who is ten in bawling, and his daughter Mercy, who is my age is standing there unimpressed. I know her, and she hates her father with the heat of a thousand suns.

She'd never murder him though.

"Cecelia." Someone whispers. "Cecelia!" I turn around to Elodia. "Come with me to Mercy."

I follow Elodia to Mercy. Mercy whips her blong curls into my face. "Sorry Cecelia." She says. "Mercy. Come with me." Elodia says, and grabs Mercy by the hand, and then tugs me along with her. She takes me to her house, and gives us ratty old dresses, boots and a boy's cap. She yanks out my braid, and Mercy's ribbon. "Ow!" Mercy yelps. "Change into these." She orders. "Why?" I question. "Just do it!" She says, and runs off to change into her own clothes.

I change into the clothes, and put on the cap. The dress is thin black silk with a frayed edge, and no sleeves. Elodia comes out with her clothes on and a jacket also. She gives one to each of us, and we head off. She goes into and alley, and three ratty teenagers come out. The girl throws a cigarette on the ground, and asks "Who's these folk Eleesa?" She says, and then spits, causing Mercy to jump back. "This is Cecelia, and that's Mercy." Elodia says. "Waw, Waw, Secily and Mary eh?" She says. "Elodia, what's with the names?" I ask. "She can't hear so well, shut up." She orders. "Well Stella, Mr. Wallace is dead, they say it was a suicide, but I don't belive a word. I think he was murdered." She whispers. "Well Eleesa, I thinks we should investigates dis wittiw mystrey." The Stella girl smiles. "Jesse! Soren! We looking for who killed mister Wallace."

Chapter 3-- Mercy's POVEdit

That Stella girl that Elodia made us meet is a bit strange. She talks weird. Two boys come out, and Elodia hugs one of them.

"Jesse, Soren, this is Mercy and Cecelia." Elodia intorduces me and Cecelia. "Yes yes, Mary and Secily, let's go." Stella yells.

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