This is just a thought of mine, about what's its like to be at peace.


Bird on a cherry tree

The rough bark against my bare neck felt comforting somehow, it's coarse texture massaging my flesh. The sweet scent of cherry blossoms hung in the air, my favorite. I turned my head upwards, looking at the pink blossoms. A gentle breeze tickled my face, and caressed the branches overhead.

Silky petals danced in the air, spinning like ballerinas. They landed in my hair, but I made no effort to shake them out. This was where I was happy.

Under the old cherry blossom tree, in the meadows, alone. The white flowering weeds I saw were just as good as any potted plant to me. Here, the grass was a sprightly green, soft and springy. Untrodden upon by humans.

I would walk down a path of concrete, made beautiful by iridescent glass shards. The path would circle the tree, and there I could spend hours. Watching the lazy clouds float through the sky, listening to the birds chirping, and feel completely at peace.


But while completely different, the soft sand is similar in feeling. While you sink into loamy soil, if tender enough, you can sink into the damp sand of the beach. The white foams gathers at your feet if you stand right on the shore.

Different planes - Piani differenti

Seagulls replicate the robins and bluebirds, their caw not as sweet, but still beautiful in its own way. The sky never seems anything but azure, to me, at the beach. When you're completely alone, when all you can hear is the sweeping waves, it's magical. Because you are in a place where nature is at work.

Can I try to describe the tangy breeze, or salty waves? Who could truly capture the essence of the sun, bouncing off the dark blue waves? It's impossible. Because unless you see it- truly see it- it's indescribable.

It's perfect. It's gorgeous. It's nature.


Most people will probably hear this, and believe I'm A. Vegetarian, B. Against paper and about any other plant bi-product, or C. Weird. Or all of the above. In fact, I'm only C. But just think about it- the world is cruel. I understand That humans need some things- but people can be so careless. It kills me when I see a wad of gum on the street, or read about the smog of pollution in some places.

If you've ever spent an hour focusing on one tree, you realize how much there is to the tree. It's beautiful, in ever ridge and branch and leaf. A whole ecosystem is killed when a tree is cut down.

Okay, I'm starting to seem a little passionate, but I feel so conflicted when it comes to the environment. I love it, and it just makes you think twice before you cut it down to make something.

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